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Full Video Underdogz feat Motormorfoses (live act)- Monegros 2012 (HD)

Underdogz feat Motormorfoses (live act) - Monegros 2012

Saturday 21st July at 08.00 am our artists Lukas, Malke, Eto and Gab started their journey with. all their equipment and began the conquest of Monegros Desert Festival 2012.

Artists and manager left Barcelona directly to the festival to do the sound check and leave all their equipment ready for the night. They arrived at midday to an empty car park, that some hours later would be full.

They had the first contact with the party at the Bacardi Tent were they built all the equipment and started the sound check with the intro and the first tracks of their repertoir. Things were getting serious.

A few hours later they returned to the hotel for some rest. Close to midnight their runner showed at the hotel lobby and drove them to the festival.

At 02.00pm things were getting serious. Eto was sitting behind the stage, focusing 100% for the act, Malke was practicing his drum movements, Gab act heating her vocal cords and Lukas was defining last concepts with their agent.

Once the previous performance ended it was time for UNDERDOGZ feat MOTORMORFOSES a big moment expected from many fans. Eto took the bass. Malke sit on the E-Drum. Gab took the wireless microphone and got position behind her instruments just like Lukas. The show began.

Gab's sweet distorted voice was the starting point to an exquisite introduction before they showed what they had been working for months. A sublime live performance according to what Monegros deserved. The great staging and the incredible setup with bass, e-drum, controllers, keyboards ... was a success from the beginning.
The demolishing mixure between Motormorfoses and Underdogz was the breath of fresh air that Hard Techno scene was looking for. Eto enjoyed recovering his rocker instinct that he kept for a long time. Gab worked to a very high level with the sampler as she sang some tracks which remind Miss Kittin style. Malke showed again that e-drum is an extension of his body and Lukas worked with accuracy and quality behind the instruments.

Good vibes and amazing quality at the stage made the audience have fun from the first beats until the end with this pioneer act in the Hard Techno scene. It is the first time that artists from this scene work together to create such an ambitious project which was a completely success. … fa7WWGqm30



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