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DJ Lukas 8h Set Interview at Florida 135

Dj Lukas - Interview + 8h set @ Florida 135 (Fraga/SP)

Dj Lukas had the pleasure of performing for third time an 8h set at Florida 135 (Fraga/ SPAIN) last year.

In this special set, Lukas built, piece by piece, a progressive journey that began with the purest techno passing through styles like rock, reaggae techno, break beat, drum n bass, off beat, electro, acid, jacking, wonky, Chicago, and ending with the most energetic Hard Techno. A mixture for all tastes where there was place for all his versatility as a dj.

We took this occasion to interview him. In this special interview Lukas told us his sensations, feelings, thoughts and motivations during these more than 10 years of career and during this incredible and marathonian set performed at Florida 135.

watch the full interview!

download this special 8h set by Lukas

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