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David Moleón is an expert DJ and producer with 11 years of experience.
David has appeared on line ups of prestigious events throughout Spain & Portugal.
He also sparked interest in countries like Italy, Slovenia.

David was born and raised in Granada, Spain, but he spent a year in Greece where he mixed and organized various events. It was there where he was exposed to different types of music and began to define himself as an artist. Throughout his career he has invested time in mixing, music technology, web design and sound technology.
David has a special knack for producing hit tracks that have become essential part of  sessions of Europe’s most popular artists, including Ben Sims,  Cristian Varela, Robert Natus, Eric Sneo, DJ Murphy, among others.

David started his career as a producer in September 2006 in the label Djpro, quickly earning a solid reputation as a valued producer with hit tracks on other national labels.
One year after it he started his own label, Moop Up Records.
The first release came out in the summer  2008 and quickly became a hit, earning a spot on charts and sessions across Europe. Moop Up’s fourth release hit the streets in February of last year. David contributed his track IGRIV to Ben Sim’s latest compilation CD, making David the  honour of being the only Spanish artist on the CD.
Robert Natus also demonstrated his admiration for David by placing two of the Spanish artist’s tracks on his last two CDs.

Both his DJ sets on 3 turntables and his live-acts are examples of his DJing skills, technical ability and energy, making him a well-rounded DJ, and particularly the stand-out artist from the South of Spain. David is an artist to be expecting a great future as in the studio and mixing is a sure guarantee.

Link to David Moleon playing at Industrial Copera :

Listen to one of his last promo sets of march 2011:

View his profile of productions at Triple Vision       :




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