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Lenny Dee - IFS 06 - Industrialization

CD 1:

01) Satronica & The Horrorist- Shout
02) BASTian W vs Martin W - Mono Mania
03) Broken Rules - Bedroom Traxx (N-Vitral Remix)
04) Armegeddon Project- Scorn Of A Dying Glare
05) Broken Rules- Bedroom Traxx (Dep Affect Remix)
06) Forsaken Is Dead- A Day In The Life
07) D-Spirit- Pro Addict
08) Broken Rules- Mess With The Program
09) Daisy aka Mandragore - Guns (Jaykriss Remix) lol
10) Lenny Dee- Strike It Up
11) Lian- Eclisse
12) Liquid Blasted- Neuro Artillery
13) Sei2ure- Defunkt
14) D-Spirit- HB16

CD 2:

01) BASTian W vs Martin W- Dark_Leipzig
02) Broken Rules- Minimize It
03) Broken Rules- Default Parameters
04) Stan Grewzell- Frost Function
05) Liquid Blasted- Robokind
06) Armegeddon Project- Silent Rest of the Undefeated
07) Lian- Give It To Me (feat. Dunderhead)
08) Tymon- Nonlinear Dynamics
09) Tymon- Down With the Real
10) Satronica- Life Blood Pain Death (Tymon Rmx)
11) Sandy Warez- The Speaker Loud
12) Cut A Kaos- Why You Fuck Me Up
13) Sandy Warez- Hypertension
14) Fiend & Broken Rules- Tuff Enuff

IFS 6 is a collection of exclusive Industrial Hardcore & Hardtechno tracks compiled by the legendary DJ Lenny Dee. Industrialization combines well known ISR artists like Tymon. Broken Rules, Fiend & Lenny Dee with acts like the Horrorist, Sei2ure (NL), Liquid Blasted (Moscow) and remixes from Australia's Dep Effect & Third Movement's NVitral . Each track is full length ready for CD DJs and listeners who crave every beat. … se/1913965 //
- Epileptik, Golghott, Fatallic Resignation, Techmaticore // Belgium -



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